• QbTron 3D

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    QbTron3D Trailer

    Classic Remake.

    Take on QbTron - the Quantum Super Computer. Bring down its ten cores by feeding Datum pieces via Data Stacks in 3D virtual space. It will not be easy as QbTron controls the Data rate and Stack Size making it evermore challenging as you progress to disable the unstable machine.

    6 in-game Music tracks, 10 variable-sized Stacks, 3 levels of Difficulty and 1 very unhappy Super Computer.

  • Cubix Classic v1.2

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    Cubix Trailer

    Ageless 3D puzzle.

    The game comes with in-game Awards, Best Time tracking, 3 levels of difficulty, customizable appearance & rendering and cool Ambient tracks.

  • Constructor360

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    Constructor360 Trailer

    Creativity unbound.

    Build something abstract, build something cute or build something awesome - whatever your mood is.

    This game offers a truly open-ended experience where the limits are only your imagination and ..360 building blocks.

    The game also comes with a challenge mode, 3 levels of difficulty and in-game awards. Train your perception and memory building against time randomly generated 3D structures.

  • RotorMania

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    RotorMania Trailer

    An addictive classic 3D puzzle.

    Assemble 6 sides to bring order and gain gems as awards from Smiling Buddha.

    The game comes with cool music, trackable best times, and 3 levels of difficulty.