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Weapons & Ammo

"Tools of the trade" to enable recovery of the Magnificator. Some are of uknown origin. You may get more, but it will depend how smart the spiders got and how thoroughly they sweeped the place.

"Iron Fist"

This is the weapon many believe Dax was born with. This is simply not true! It was his great-grandfather who was born with it.

What can be said about this gun? It is more of a 'hand cannon' than a gun. It does not overheat, never misfired, does not jam ...well, at least so far.

Parts appear to be made of the finest dwarven alloys. This weapon has taken a lot of beating through generations and yet, it is still in one piece.

Single-Shot Round Balls

Standard issue MK5 Dwarf Ammo for flintlock smooth bore muskets. Less potent MK5E (export variant) sold to both Elves and Orcs.

While this ammo is not considered to have magical properties (srictly speaking), it does exibit a good deal of smartness, namely - it only explodes upon contact with hostile target when harm can be done, or when is hit by another round ball (does not work well against lava).

Ammo boxes are teleported by Central Dwarf Command to known locations at regular intervals i.e. as soon as Teleporters recharge.


Magic-Shot Round Balls

Who manufactures this ammo nobody knows, not even the rats!

Ammo boxes appear at trandom places, round balls have eerie green glow around them and destroy multiple targets by ricocheting about, finding their way to the next victim.

Extremely useful against swarms.