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This is a dedicated corner where we will share useful tips, advice and the know-how using Unreal Engine for all of those who embark on a wonderful journey creating their own special and unique worlds.

For reference, we are using Unreal Engine 4.24.

1. Open up PA Editor.

2. Create a new shape right under the Root node (does not matter what type) and let's call it PK (Parent Kinematic).

3. Set PK's Physics Type from Default to Kinematic.

4. Navigate to the Pelvis bone Constraint node (Pelvis: Root Constraint).

5. Remove Linear Limits by setting X, Y, Z Motion from Locked to Free.

Done! Your character will resume its motion as driven by AI!

Please note: your set up, of course, will depend on the bone hierarchy, but we hope the priciple is clear.

4. In the BP's Graph define a function SetText which takes a single String input, to update textual content of the TextBox (triggering animation if any).

Next, we need to generate events from our Sequence that would call BP's SetText to update the content of the TextBox...

5. Open your main Sequence in Sequencer and add a new Event Track.

6. Add a new Track Event calling it SequenceTextEvent and specifying a Payload string to whatever text it needs to be.

7. And finally, double-left click on the newly defined event to open Sequence Director and wire event handling as follows:

You are all set! You have a reusable Subtitles Blueprint which you may further parametrise and customise to fit your needs, not forgetting the clean-up logic.

The text specified via Payload (played together with its animation if configured) will be pushed through each time an instance of the event is emitted.