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Dax The Iron Fist

He is the man! Or rather .. the Dwarf! The protagonist. He's fearless, tough and unlike other dwarves completely disinterested in gemstones, which always left him outside the popular clique.

He shows affection only towards his gun and pet Griffon Lucy.

As a young Dwarf he frequented the abandoned Arena and knows its every nook and cranny, which together with his fire arms skills made him the ideal candidate for the mission.

Another factor, not as advertised, was his social misfit status: nobody would miss him if he did not return. And to make it even more cruel -- without the Magnificator nobody wanted him to return.


Lucy is Dax's pet and best friend. She is a Pixy Griffon - super rare. Dax traded her from the travelling circus Elves when she was just a baby.

Dax trained somewhat disobedient Lucy whilst keeping his new companion secret from everyone, including his former wife. "Former" because one night Dax was calling Lucy in his sleep and in the morning he found a rude note from his wife, but no wife - he has never seen her again. But we digress...

Lucy is tiny (being a Pixy), comparing to other breeds of Griffons, but she is fearless and she has a special score to settle with mountain spiders who try make dinner out of Pixy Hachlings.

Nurgemon 'The Great'

The antagonist. Nurgemon belongs to a Arachnid Vulgaris family. These spiders are smart, attracted to shiny things, and importantly, large and strong enough to carry aforementioned shiny things back to the nest a.k.a. stealing.

They stole from the Dwarves, Raccoons and even Rats (who also steal from Dwarves and Raccoons, who also steal from Dwarves who also steal... I think you get the idea).

Nurgemon however, thought big or even gigantic relative to his size! He wanted to own the entire Northen Ridge and thus seriously reduced the pouplation of Common Mountain Spiders (which Arachnid Vulgaris are able to summon and organise) in his first attempt of taking the Ridge from the Dwarves.

With the invention of the Magnificator, his fortune was about to change, together with his shape and size...

Nurgemon has put himself through several magification cycles achieving enormous proportions as well as hellish and unrecognisable apperance, proclaiming himself as Nurgemon 'The Great'!

Nurgemon's Minions

Arachnid Caeruleum. Also known as Common Mountain Spider or Blue Spider, found throughout the Northen Ridge. Quite large, but normally shy with a painful bite.

While poisonous, their venom only seems to affect their usual prey and Elves (who suffer emmense alergic reactions).

They are strangely submissive to Vulgaris type, although the symbiosis of this relationship is not apparent. This precise trait was exploited by Nurgemon more than once.

A vast number of them were subjected to magification process, which seems to have amplified their aggressiveness also.

Hell Spawn

These fiery little crawlers are summoned by Nurgemon directly from Spider's equivalent of Hell.

They have no venom as there is no use for it at their final place of dwelling. Instead they will rush towards Nurgemon's offender and explode on contact, presumably going straight back to Hell.

We can assume that the ability to summon spiders from another dimension was aquired by Nurgemon after magification process which altered not just his apperance, but also his abilities.

They don't like water.

Åke's Spirit

Once upon a time there was a Dwarf who though his own farts were funny and of course no one else did. But that's not the stuff of legend.

What is legendary, however, is that he died of laughter at his own fart. And after his death, it is thought, his spirit settled in one of many statues found around the Arena, as sounds resembling his antics and merry laughter can be sometimes heard.

It is believed that good luck and fortune will follow the one who hears this phenomenon.