The Story

The Rise of Nurgemon

As gemstone mines of the Northen Ridge Mountains were nearing deplition, the Dwarves needed to find other means to sustain their formidable income. And so they decided to approach local raccoon clan ("Masked Industries Inc.") to see if they had any bright ideas.
Naturally raccoons had plenty, and they poposed to build a molecular reconstitution device - "Magnificator", which would allow Dwarves to physically enlarge gemstones already mined.
The project was meant to be kept secret, but somehow upon the completion, and-some-say-it-was-Rats, the word got out and reached the spiders.
The spiders had long sought dominion over the mines and undeground passages of the Northen Ridge, however althougn in great numbers they could never pose any real threat to the Dwarves due to their size and strength. This was about to change...
A little spider with a brain considerably larger than average, whos name was Nurgemon, quickly realised the potential and organaised raid&snatch operation to obtain the Magnificator* and use it to create an army of giant spiders! Unfortunately for everyone he was susccessful in his attempt - the Dwarves did not expect anyone to know about the device left it unguarded.
The Dwarves, and-some-say-it-was-Rats***, found out "who, when and where". And the Council of Elders sent Dax The Iron Fist** as the most trigger happy of all Dwarves to recover the Magnificator.

*"Magnificator 3000" to be precise, as the first, aka "1000", simply desintegrated the gemstones and the second shrank them due to "a minor polarity issue" with one of the subcomponents.
**"Iron Fist" actually is the name of Dax's favorite flintlock gun, with which he was so inseprable that their names got merged too.
***Those guys although pretty smart, are worse than raccoons at keeping secrets.

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