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Q. What is jObject?
A. jObject is a Java UML tool.
Q. Why should I use jObject?
A. There are a number of reasons. jObject is focused on Java programming language. The software works with native to Java entities and syntax, which optimises modeling process. Classes and interfaces are efficiently created with the aid of Native Syntax Processor.
Q. What is "Native Syntax Processor"?
A. Those who used visual UML tools will know that creating a class is a lengthy process, where each field and method needs to be constructed from a pull-down list of types. jObjects accepts Java syntax, for example when adding method you can type void myMethod(int param);. The string will be parsed into UML.
Q. Will jObject run fast on my machine?
A. The tool is implemented using SWT/JFace. The software will run almost as fast as any native application.
Q. SWT/JFace appliation are not portable, which platforms can support jObject?
A. Current release is for Windows 2000/XP, Linux release will follow shortly.
Q. Does jObject generate source code?
A. Next mile-stone release planned for Q4 will generate source code as well as JUnit test code.
Q. Can I export diagrams as images?
A. jObject supports export of JPEG and BMP 24 bit images.
Q. What types of UML diagrams can be produced with jObject?
A. Current version provides with Class diagrams only. Later versions will support other UML diagrams.
Q. How much does jObject cost?
A. jObject is provided free of charge.

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